Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to The Stamping Chef!

I’m so thrilled to open this blog, and share my illustrations with you!
I love to draw, playing with pens and inks. Coloring with markers and colored pencils.
I love to get busy with my hands, although I’m really not that good at cardmaking. I think I’ll leave that to all of you,
cause seeing all those adorable, lovely projects around the world wide web,
makes me realize I’m better with pen, than with scissors.

With this blog, I want to make you familiar with my illustrations.
They’re all digi’s, so it’ll be easy for you to resize them before printing them out.

I hope you can find me between the mass, and come back often to show me your projects
(I definitely will showcase them on this blog!) or download another free digi.

As an introduction digi I’ve made you Max.
Max is a really cute and lovable puppy, who wants to show his love for you.

You can download Max by clicking him.

I hope you’ll like him!

I’ll be back soon with another cute digi for you!

The Stamping Chef!


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