Thursday Tutorial – Coloring with Alcohol Markers

Hi chefs!  For today’s tutorial, I thought I would show beginner coloring with alcohol markers…since I am a beginner 🙂   I just started using digital stamps because my biggest hang up was that I didn’t know how to color them.  I spent a lot of time on you tube watching tutorials and this is what is the easiest for me right now.  **** I am a visual kind of gal so there are a lot of pictures****

I used Shane as my model. You can find him HERE at the store…

So lets begin!

Step 1: pick your digi stamp

 Step 2: pick out your papers and embellishments

 Step 3: coordinate your colors to your papers (I used Spectrum Nior Markers)


Step 1: Color in the low lights and the highlights using my lightest and darkest colors.  I am never really sure of where the “light source” is so I just do what I think looks good.


Step 2: Blend the 2 together with the medium color.

 Step 3: Go back over with the darkest color, flicking pen to give some texture.


Step 1: using lightest color, work in section and fill with color.

Step 2:  with the dark color, highlight where you think the clothes fold or shadows would be


Step 3: start to blend with lighter color ( usually I use an in between color but I was liking how this turned out)  Now remember, these markers are a fluid so if you leave them, the color will dry and when you go back over the image, that color then will become darker.  That is what happened here.  This was a please surprise, lol.

 Shirt: same steps but here I used a dark brown for my darkest color (didn’t have a dark enough orange)  Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors, after all it is just paper. And think of the time as practice (this is from past coloring tragedies that I have had!)

 Hat: same steps but I used brown and red for my colors

 Finally the skin!!!  Almost done!

Step 1: apply dark color to the brow, nose, ears, under chin etc.

Step 2: add light color and blend

Step 3: go back and touch up with dr. color if needed

Now you might have noticed, I am a messy “colorer” (is that a word, lol)  I don’t worry about it because I am going to cut him out of the paper anyway.

I use an exacto knife to get the sm. pieced and I use a dark marker to color the outside of him where any white may be showing after I cut him out.

Tada!!! I give you SHANE!!!!

Now I just complete my card design and I am done!

Whewwww, did you make it?!?!

Please stop by our Facebook Group: TSC RECIPES.   We would love to see what you have done, plus our Chef has an awesome ongoing freebie challenge every week.

Hope you have a blessed day and thanks for stopping by,


11 thoughts on “Thursday Tutorial – Coloring with Alcohol Markers

  1. Absolutely a fabulous tutorial Sandy!! Great to know I am not the only messy one with coloring LOL!! Great job with the tutorial!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  2. Wooohooo|! thank you for sharing this… I am messy too .. thank goodness for exacto knives… thanks for the shading techniques… I too have watched alot of videos but I love your cards..

  3. My goodness — I’ve taken 4 ** yes F-O-U-R ** copic classes and never once was it explained like this. Thank you so much!

  4. Super Great Tutorial Sandy!!!!! I know the truth behind its only paper and usually print two at a time for those “just in case” moments!!!! Great card!!!

  5. OH MY GOD..,Seems like you have the same beginner skills and understanding that I do with marker colorings!! And I have never really understood the whole “know where your light source is coming from” lesson. But you did lightest & darkest and then bended in between!! I usually see lightest, then add medium, then blend those. Then add darkest, then blend darkest & medium. Then do the whole process over again!!! I have watched many tutorials and I still don’t know what I’m doing. Sometimes I luck out & the whole shadowing & lightness thing works out, but mostly it’s intermediate at best!! But HEY!! I’m having fun coloring…thats all that counts!!

    • The light to dark and medium in the middle came from the Spectrum Nior videos. She actually went, light to dark, medium blended to dark, light blended to medium. I found that I lose the highlights if I don;t put them in first. Still haven’t found that darn light source though, lol!

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