New Line: Lucy

Happy Friday peeps!!

First something I’m really proud off.
My partner who will leave the army at the end of may, received an invitation to be a VIP
at the crowning of our new King on April 30th!!
He can sit behind all the important ministers of the Netherlands when Prince Willem Alexander, and Princess Maxima will be crowned,
as our new King and Queen!!
WoW isn’t that an honor? Now we have to wait till his medalls are all back, cause he has to wear his uniform with all the bling.
Ok proud lady here!

But ok, over to my new line of cuteness!
Did you meet Lucy already?
She’s a cute little Brat girl with an attitude, and she deserves her own category in our shop!
Little Lucy is cute, fun and I can totally relate to her when I was a little girl.

When I made Lucy in her Hmpf Mood, I was looking at myself when I was 3.
I was a kid with a bit of a temper *cough*

I decided to go with Lucy as a line, cause I can visualize her in so many situations we can get in
throughout the day =)

So I hope you’ll like her as much as I do!

Don’t forget to join our TSC recipes group, where you can meet our wonderful DT,
fans, chat with me, ask questions, and show off your projects using TSC images!
You also can join our weekly challenge and win a free image!

Have a lovely weekend!!


3 thoughts on “New Line: Lucy

  1. Congrats to your partner. That is quite a bit deal and I can see why you are so proud.

    As far as the Lucy line goes, well she is just precious. You are certainly going to have fun coming up with scenarios for her.

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