Thursday Tutorial Paper Piecing with Sandy

Hi friends, Sandy here.

 Today, I am going to show you a couple tips for paper piecing your digi stamps using The Stamping Chef digi stamps that you can find at the store HERE

First, you need to choose your image.

  • it helps if it doesn’t have a lot of detail or very small details
  • make sure it is one that you can easily cut
  • don’t use an image that is smaller than 2″ (you can do smaller, but this will help with the frustration and finger cramping when cutting, lol)

(I like to print a lot on one page because I tend to cut them out)

Second, you will print out the image that you will color and another with the design paper

  • make sure they are the same size
  • try to use papers that have smaller designs
  • polka dots, tiny flowers, glitter paper all work great
  • if your digi has a lot of line detail (think clothing folds and ruffles) you want a lighter color pattern paper so they show through

Third, you will color you plain base image like normal

  • you may want to think about having your design paper compliment you marker/pencil color choices

Fourth, you will cut out your design paper pieces and adhere them to base image 

  • glue pen is the best for this project or running through the Xyron tape runner

Lastly, you may want to add some shadowing to your design paper to give it some dimension.

  • for glitter paper, I used a darker Stickles color
  • markers work better to give you depth than pencils do especially if the paper had a lot of design to it.

Here is the final card…

On a side note, you can paper piece very small or very large plain images by hand.  Here are a couple examples of where I just free cut the design paper to make it fit the image.  (This reminds me more of grade school with cutting and pasting, lol).

Pants- using a small flower- glitter design paper

Tights- using polka dot design paper

Skateboard- using a strip star design paper (just made sure to cut out one star)

Bottom of Gown and Beret- using glitter paper and added blue Stickles to give it some shading

I had a lot of fun with this tutorial and would love to see your creations!  You can check out The Stamping Chef Recipe group page on Facebook.  If you do a paper piecing, please mention it when you post your wonderful projects!

Hope you have a blessed day and thanks for stopping by,



4 thoughts on “Thursday Tutorial Paper Piecing with Sandy

  1. Great tutorial Sandy. Love the step by step detail. Thanks for sharing. If I may add a tip for conversation…If you have the ability, crop down your second image for the paper piecing so that you are saving on both DP and ink. Just a thought for the future.

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