Thursday Tutorial Primsa Pencil Coloring with Amanda

Prismacolor pencil tutorial

Please bear with me everyone, this is my first ever tutorial, so I really hope you don’t have any difficulties following along and that I have been clear enough in my explanations.

This is my personal technique I have developed through trial, error and practice. It works great for me, but may not be for everyone.  Remember that not everything comes out perfectly the first time and that these results are ones that I feel I have perfected over time.

I use regular printer paper for coloring with prismacolor scholar pencils.

When coloring, I like to layer a few pages on top of each other to make the surface a little softer. I find I get a more even result this way.

Which ever area of your digi you decide to start with, imagine where the light would hit it, if it were a 3D object (for this tutorial, imagine the light is infront of her). Then try to picture where the shadows would be (for her pants, shadows would be on the sides of her legs, since they are rounded, under her zipper, under her shirt and around her belt.) Trace the areas, pressing firmly with your colored pencil.


Color inwards, pressing firmly towards the areas where shadows would be, and releasing pressure on pencil as you get further away from the outlines you’ve previously made.


For this shirt, your shadows would be under and around her arms, under the cookie and under her neck. On the cookie, under her hands and the bottom of the cookie, and the outside of the chocolate chips.


Most important to remember is that people are not flat, but rounded, so their
clothing would follow that shape, as would shoes and other accessories.


Don’t let the hair intimidate you, it really is no different then the other shapes and areas. Again, her head is round, as should the shadows and highlights.


Hair doesn’t usually lie absolutely flat to the head. Wherever the part in the hair would be, it usually dips in towards the scalp. This would create a dip (a shadow). Also, there are usually natural high and lowlights in hair, so you could go back and add as many or as few as you’d like.  I used a dark brown for the shadows and blended in a medium brown (overlapping colors slightly to avoid lines in the colors, I find it easiest to blend using a small circular motion.)

One great tip to remember is that since you’re only using pencil crayons, no oil or blending medium, as long as you don’t press too hard, if you make a mistake and add too much shading, you can use an eraser to lighten the area! J


So for her eyes, because of the location of the pupils (towards the nose), I figured that would be the darkest and shadowy area, so I pressed hardest towards the inner portion and lightened up as I got towards the outside.

For her skin, under her hairline, above and below her cute little button nose, inside her ears, under her eyes and around her full cheek is where the light wouldn’t reach so these should be the darkest areas.  I used “peach” in the shadows and “pale peach” for the highlight areas.

And here’s the finished product. Lucy looks like she’s really enjoying that cookie, doesn’t she?!

I colored this entire image using only 9 prismacolor pencils (one for each area, two tones on her hair and two on her skin) J

I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with after trying this technique J ~Amanda Brunet


2 thoughts on “Thursday Tutorial Primsa Pencil Coloring with Amanda

  1. Great tutorial! I love using colored pencils and don’t pull them out as often as I used to. They may just have to get used again in the near future. Thanks!



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