Winner of the BitterSweet T-Shirt…drumroll please!

Happy Friday all!!

I’m excited to announce the winner of the BitterSweet T-Shirt raffle!

I’m so happy these people have played along, and it was a fun thing to do.
Maybe something I’ll do in the future again with a new image =)

So…drumroll please….Our winner is:

Untitled-1 copy
Untitled-2 copy

Meredith Hay Whooooooooo lucky lady!!

Meredith will win a T-Shirt with our BitterSweet image and the text “I’m imperfectly perfect”
A message with information is on the way!
Can’t believe someone in Australia will be wearing my design =D

I want to thank everyone who’ve played along!
I had such fun, and I’m so happy with your support!!

Have a lovely weekend, and soon the new release post will be up!

♥ Tamara


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