For all the fighters, survivors and Angels!!

Hi all!

Today I want to stand still by this awfull illness,
which is affecting so many of our friends, family or maybe ourselves.
Although people are trying to cure this illness, for some it comes to late.
Luckily lots of people will survive, like my dad who survived Prostate cancer last year,
or the very young daughter of a family friend, who is now clean from her Neuroblastoma.

Lives will be flipped upside down, insecurities and fear will be taking over.
Living with an illness myself, although not as devastating as Cancer, I know how hard
life can be everyday.

So for those who are living this nightmare, I’ve made this image, which will hopefully
inspire and motivate these people.

It’s called “Fighter” and you can purchase her here

This whole week you can get her with 20% off if you use couponcode: TSCFigHt20

But for the people who are choosing NOT to use the couponcode, those 20% will be saved and donated to KWF Kankerbestrijding
which is our Dutch Cancer Society.


It’s not much, but I just want to reflect that TSC is not about financial gain.
Drawing is my passion, and I want to make people smile.

I hope you just appreciate the effort and maybe a little bit of difference in this cruel world.

♥ Tamara


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