In the Spotlight

Happy (warm) Monday!!

Hope you’ve had a great week and weekend.

We had some major thunderstorms this weekend, but I can’t say it cooled off.
It was scary though, waking in the middle of the night with lightning, hard thunder, horizontal rains…
and my kittycat who was still outside…PANIC!!
So waking up my man to get the cat in the pooring rain, but kittycat was nowhere to be found.
After 20 minutes of calling, screaming, making weird noises, banging feeding bowls, still nothing…EEK!
I really was afraid TiddyPoo was so scared he didn’t want to come home again.
After 30 minutes the thunder and rain calmed down, and all of a sudden TiddyPoo stood in the doorway all wet and looking at me like
“What’s the matter with you 2? Feed Me!”
Grrr Cats! Gotta love ’em.

Ok that was my very exciting night LOL

Over to some other excitement.
We had a lovely Challenge over at our Recipes group.
It’s awesome to see more people are getting to know TSC and join and play along!
The downside is…it’s getting harder each week to pick a winner!
I’ve managed!!

This week the image was Surf’s Up!
and over 40 gorgeous projects were entered!

This weeks winner is…. Angelique
the card is layered and cool!
So she will be named the winner of this week’s challenge and can pick out an image from our store!

but look at these other gorgeous projects!




So I hope you’ll play along with this week’s challenge in our group!
The image for this challenge will be free for 24 hrs, and after that at discount price in the store if you still want to enter.

Sweet Summer

♥ Tamara


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