About the Stamping Chef


My name is Tamara and I’m a 30+ girl from the Netherlands.
I can’t say how long I’ve been drawing, cause it seems like forever! I love it!
It’s my passion, and I tell everyone that I actually don’t have a life next to it LOL

I love to draw in so many styles, cause I get my inspiration all around me,
and icecream doesn’t come in 1 flavour also, so I hope you can find anything to your liking.
I’m often inspired by great pinup artists from the 20’s and up.
I adore the work of the late Gil Elvgren, the Rockabilly’s, and tattoo designs, and twist them with some cartoon-ish features.
I sketch, ink, scan, sometimes only clean up, or retrace in my lovely program,
to give you the cutest, funniest, quirkiest stamps for your projects.

I also love to make digital scrapbook kits, cause I did that for almost 7 years,
but took a break just recently, just to concentrate on The Stamping Chef.
From time to time a scrapbook idea pops up, and so you can also shop for those =)

I’m really not good at creating projects myself,
so I’m very amazed if I see awesome and gorgeous projects made from not only TSC products.
It makes me humble, and grateful I’ve been given with I guess you can call a talent,
that I’m just so passioned about.

I want to thank each and one of you, for inspiring me, your great and sweet comments, your support,
and believing in The Stamping Chef. It means the world to me!!

Thank you for your visit, and have loads of happy crafty days!

Tamara aka The Stamping Chef


2 thoughts on “About the Stamping Chef

  1. Hi Tamara, I got a big surprise when I saw your challenge blog name on a friend’s blog and if you pop over to my place, you’ll see why!
    Fliss x

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