Angel Policy

All images you receive either purchased or for free from The Stamping Chef are copyrighted by Tamara van Wijk and you agree to use for personal use only·


These images are only for personal use—they may NOT be used for commercial reproduction.
You may sell handmade cards, but not the images themselves.
You cannot share with any friends or family, Facebook, Pinterest or any other Social Media Outlets


You may not use or sell any of the images in banners, avatars and digital products without the artist’s permission.
Whenever the design is posted you must credit the artist/company with a clickable link


You may not give or sell this design as digital file or printed sheet–which includes family, RAKs, swaps or Other Social Media Outlets


You may not use this design for print on demand services, such as Cafepressor Zazzle..

2 thoughts on “Angel Policy

  1. Just thought you’d like to know you have an itty-bitty typo in your angel policy. I believe you meant to say ‘grant you permission’ and not ‘grand’. Feel free to delete this once you see it. I tried looking for an email address to contact you privately but couldn’t locate one.

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