Freebie Friday

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you have had a great week and have some fun plans for the weekend, me I don’t know what I’ll be doing yet.

So you all came here for a freebie right, well here is one that will hopefully help get rid of those winter blues and start thinking of spring

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and here are a couple projects using this adorable cutie 🙂





Happy Tuesday!

Today is usually our New release day but Tamara has not been feeling up to drawing with everything going on with her darling kitty 😦  So the girls and I thought we’d put together some projects for you anyway using some of our favorite images or images we haven’t used yet.  I hope you enjoy them and see you next week for more New releases!!






Sandy Sandy 2




DSCN2143 copy









Tutorial Recipe Thursday – Box Card

Welcome to Tutorial Thursday or as I fondly like to call it – Recipe Thursday for The Stamping Chef — shall we see what’s cooking????

Today, I have whipped up a box card complete with step-by-step pictures and instructions. If you follow this, you too will have a super card to place a super digital design by The Stamping Chef. The Stamping Chef is having a super duper sale going on right now — Buy 3 Get 1 Free. Also, there are always freebies to try before you buy!!!!

Here’s the finished product, just be patient with me with all the little steps (almost 100 – ok, just kidding!!!)


Supply List:

8-1/2 x 11 inch piece of double sided patterned lightweight cardstock – do no be a doofus like I was and use a paper with sparkle as it has a tendency to cause hair pulling out!!!
Score Board – I used Martha Stewart’s
Digital design- The Stamping Chef Hold On
Border punch – I used Martha Stewart Eyelet punch
Complimentary cardstock for oval mat and insert
Rubber Stamp


Alrighty, do we have our supplies??? Let’s get started

I used a 12 x 12 double-sided piece of paper and needed to trim to the necessary 8-1/2 x 11 inch


Place the patterned paper into the score board with the 8-1/2 inch on top scoring at 2-1/8 and 6-3/8 inch



Place the patterned paper with the 11 inch on top scoring at 1-1/4 and 3-3/8 inch.

Repeat this step on the other side of the paper
Prefold the long score lines


Unfold your paper and keep the side that you wish to be the outside of the box facing you

Fold the two (2) score lines on the 8-1/2 inch side up. Flip the paper over and fold the second set of score lines down showing the pretty edge


Fold the short sides up

Take the upper corner of the just folded side and carefully fold it down diagonally – be careful not to rip the paper — this is where you really notice that I was a doofus and using the paper with glitter and it is harder to fold


Repeat this step on all four (4) corners
Unfold everything and you can see the box shape forming!!!


Adhere the decorative strip to the un-scored sides trimming to 4-inches that it is only placed in the center



Cut the corner rectangles diagonally from the long, un-scored sides toward the edge NOT completely but just on a slight angle. This ensures that parts of the side won’t show after you fold your box and eliminates a lot of bulk!!! (Gee, I wish I could do that with my body!!)


Take one of the corners next to the decorated side and fold it over to the long side
Repeat on the other corner of that SAME long side
Fold the long-side down
Repeat these steps on the other side

Fold sides down carefully — ***HINT: this is actually a bit difficult without getting the added bulk but found that it works if you unfold and refold as the thinner the paper, the easier the folding


Now, we are going to add a belly band which is purely decorative and optional

Cut a strip to compliment your paper 2-inches by 10 inches adding adhesive to the one end – you would want to wrap the strip around the card keeping it loose enuf to slide the belly band off and on



Cut a piece 3-1/2 x 3-1/2 inches of a complimentary piece to place on the inside of your box. I chalked around the edges after I used my oval corner punch. A sentiment may be placed here and then glued to the center of the inside of your box



I cut a scalloped oval using Little Scraps of Heaven Scalloped Shapes Pattern Set with the larger piece 4-inches tall. The inside of my oval was chalked around the edges and glued to my scalloped frame.


This was then glued on my belly band covering my over-lapped seam
My digital was then glued on my oval.


VIOLA …. A finished box card!!!!


Now, you may ask what use is a box card — WELL, you can use it to put a gift card, little treasures such as diamond earrings (LOL, just wishful thinking), memory card for a camera or cell phone, or this one is going to get a few Action Wobbles, buttons, and lace to mail as a belated birthday gift to a friend!!!

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial today. My apologies for the length but I have found from prior experience each step is necessary or you have not only wasted your paper and your time!!!!! If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to assist you!!!!!!!!

Freebie Friday

First another big Happy Birthday to Miss Tamara!  we love you girl!  In celebration of her birthday there is a ton of awesome things happening….First, we (the dt girls and friends) have a birthday blog hop, there is a new challenge going on over on Facebook, a new freebie and who knows what Miss Tamara has up her sleeve.

So on to today’s freebie…..

and here is what some of the girls have created for you today



Birthday Blog Hop


Welcome to our very special birthday blog hop for our Queen, Tamara. Today Miss Tamara is celebrating her “21st” birthday and the family wanted to celebrate with a surprise birthday hop.

To help us out in the celebration, we asked a few of our loyal followers to join in with us. I hope you all enjoy the hop and don’t forget to leave lots of Birthday Wishes for Tamara here on the blog

The hop will end on February 24th. One lucky participant will receive the digi used on the families projects, Gwenavere, all you have to do is leave a comment on all blogs and at the end (which is the stamping chef blog) comment that you have left some love for all . The winner will be posted on February 25th.


Here is the order for the hop.  If you get lost along the way just come back here 

The Stamping Chef-


Freebie Friday! And some more =)

Happy friday everyone!

First of all, thank you so much for all your lovely comments on FB, my mail and through the store on
the new style of digis I’m uploading.
I’m so happy you like it!
It’s motivating, and I love that I’m getting requests of making a particular themed digis.
Please keep giving me feedback. It makes me improve my work on a large base.

Some behind the scenes info

I did get a question how am I doing all of this?
My motto I’ve took from my Scrapbook years is: See it as a Hobby, treat it like a business.

I love what I do, but only love for what I’m doing won’t bring me there where I want.

I do this fulltime, but actually 80% of my day isn’t about drawing. It’s actually the things you don’t see.
Keeping up our shop, technical stuff, improve it to make shopping easy for you. Customer service is key to me.
I’ve been a designer for 7 years in the Scrapbook community and my pet peeve there was the lack of CS sometimes, which made me
not shop anymore at stores that took a complaint, question etc serious or don’t answer at all.
I’m trying to answer every mail, message or inquiery  right away or within 12 hours due to timezones, cause I’m not the important
person here, it’s all of you who wants to craft with my products.

I also stay in close contact with my team. They’re awesome, and I couldn’t do anything without them.
They’re not only great awesome, beautiful and gorgeous projects. They’re also not shy to whip my butt now and then.
I need the constructive criticism to improve. Also we’re having a very laid back group, we joke around,
but are very compassionate about one another.
If someone has a hard time, and they’re appologizing of not making a project for that week, we always yell: Don’t Stress!
Stress is bad for your mojo. You can only promote and present your work the best way when you’re comfy in your skin.

When I do get to drawing my steps are quite easy…ok when I’ve found an idea to go with a digi that is.
I’m just sketching out my idea’with a very cheap hb pencil on just regular copy paper, and when I’m happy with it,
I’ll trace them over with pigment pens. I find Faber Castell Ecco Pigment the best for this, but I’ve also used Pilots and Letraset.
Once traced I’ll erase the pencil lines, cause the cleaner the paper the best scanning results.
I have a very old scanner, a Canoscan FB630U but it’s awesome for this lol
I always scan in at 600DPI in greyscale in photoshop.
Once scanned I look closely for oopsies and whoopsies and erase them or draw it.
When finished ‘ll save them as JPG and PNG and print one out on DCP paper by Clairefontaine which is smooth
and is awesome for alcohol markers.
Then I’m coloring it to see how it looks colored. When I’m happy with my coloring (cause I’m fairly new to this)
I’m making a preview from the digi with a colored example, and load them up to the shop.

So here’s a little insight what I’m doing during my “work day”

Thank you for the question Michelle!

New Things in Store

Did you see the latest digi in the store?
It’s a request and I think it turned out awesome.
Not that I had a belly like that, but I would definitely want to wear a shirt with that text on it lol

I’ve made a card with her too (ok bare with me, still a beginner lol)

Also Harlequin Hannah is new to TSC!


We did a little name game for her, cause I totally was blank.
Laurie Jean won a copy of this digi cause she came up with this cute name!
If you want a chance on winning digis, just like our Fan Page
and play along if we’re having a name game again.

If you don’t use FaceBook I’m still giving out freebies.
This week it’s “Do yourself a Flavour
It will be free till next week, and then it’s the regular price again.
So grab it while you can!!
The digi will be free upon checkout so be sure you’re registered and logged in =)

Look what the ladies made with it!!





Aren’t those Yummie?!!

Have a great weekend!!