Winner of the BitterSweet T-Shirt…drumroll please!

Happy Friday all!!

I’m excited to announce the winner of the BitterSweet T-Shirt raffle!

I’m so happy these people have played along, and it was a fun thing to do.
Maybe something I’ll do in the future again with a new image =)

So…drumroll please….Our winner is:

Untitled-1 copy
Untitled-2 copy

Meredith Hay Whooooooooo lucky lady!!

Meredith will win a T-Shirt with our BitterSweet image and the text “I’m imperfectly perfect”
A message with information is on the way!
Can’t believe someone in Australia will be wearing my design =D

I want to thank everyone who’ve played along!
I had such fun, and I’m so happy with your support!!

Have a lovely weekend, and soon the new release post will be up!

♥ Tamara


Image Showcase

While Tamara & the DT girls take a break we are going to be doing things slightly different around here! Don’t worry you will still be seeing fantastic creations, but not so many new releases. So when there is no new release on a Friday, we will be delving into the old images & showing you what can be done with them!

 This week it’s the turn of

 ‘Rockabilly Rebel

 she is a gorgeous image & real fun to colour. I also think she is suitable for different occasions!

She’s also 20% off during the weekend!

Lets see what our DT girls have made using her….

















Amazing creations ladies, thank you.

This is also the last week you can enter our BitterSweet T-Shirt Raffle
You can read all about it here

While there isn’t the usual weekly challenge running on Facebook, we are still running our fortnightly challenge here. Make sure you check out the challenge that is currently running, which you will find here!

Also why you are there you might want to click on this link & snag the fab freebie that Tamara has drawn.

Remember to pop back next Wednesday, when our new fortnightly challenge starts

& we have a fab theme for you to follow!!

Why not pop over to The Stamping Chef shop & see what fab images Tamara has drawn, if you see an image you would like to see made into a card please leave the name of the image when you comment & we will see what we can do!

Have a great weekend!

Hugs Tamara & The Stamping Chef DT xxx

Monday Spotlight, Summer Break and a freebie!!

Good Monday for everyone!

Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend.
It was a relaxed one for me, and that did me good!

Since November 2012 we’ve kickstarted TSC, and I can’t believe what it has brought to me these 6 months.
I’m proud of what TSC has become! We’ve sponsored lovely challenges, made great friends, and saw some lovely projects.
Summer is around the corner, and we definitely deserve a break to recharge our brains. Have lovely summer bbq’s with our family and loved ones.
So TSC is going to take it a bit slower than usual.
There will be new releases, but not on a regular base. Challenge will continue on our blog.
Our FB group will still be open to new members, and once in a while we’re going to do our challenge there.

From now till the beginning of September it’s time to work on new ideas, get them on paper and screen,
and we hope we’re ready with fresh, fun, and awesome stuff for you when we come back!

I want to thank you all for the last 6 months, participating, supporting and follow TSC along the way, and we hope you’ll still be with us after summer!
So to celebrate summer, we want to give you this big bowl of ice cream.


We also had loads of fun last week with our “Rockabilly Rebel” over at our Fan Group.

Our fans could request a new digi which they had to use for their project.
This week it was Rockabilly Rebel

The entries were so awesome, totally 50’s and wickedly cool!

Erin Sparkles Fairclough  made this amazing card. Don’t you think that dress looks so leather-ish?


So we’re going to name her winner of the week, and she can pick out a digi from the shop!

But I also want to highlight some other 50’s projects I thought were wicked!
See how 1 image can be turned in so many takes?!

Amy Heffernan

Crafty Bits Caroline

Kerrie Brown

Louise Mann


Pam Hicks


If you want to play along in the future with our group challenges, just hop over to our FB group

So I hope we can welcome you to our group, and to see all your TSC Projects!!

Have a lovely week, and summer!!


You’re Imperfectly Perfect!

Happy friday everyone!

I’m excited today, cause I’m going to do something I’ve never done before,
and I’m actually a bit scared if you’d even like it LOL

I was soooo happy with how my BitterSweet image came out after drawing and coloring,
that I’ve ordered a T-Shirt with this print on it.
You can find the stamp here

I received it last week, and OMG it’s awesome!
Great quality of fabric, the colors rock, and it even has a little bit
of shimmering in the colors.
The text in the banner says: I’m Imperfectly Perfect, cause that’s what we all are!

So here’s the scoop…
You can win a T-Shirt with this design on it in your own size!!!
YES, one of you can show to the world that you’re like everyone Imperfectly Perfect!

– So this is what you’ll have to do to enter this AMAZING give away!!-

* Order for $10 or more in The Stamping Chef store
* When you do, you’re automaticly be entered into the give away.
* If you order twice from now till June 21st you’ll be entered twice etc.
* Open worldwide! So everyone can join!
* The winner will be announced after June 21st.
* The winner is able to choose size and color.

So I hope you all will try your luck to win this awesome shirt!!
Spread the word so we can reach as much people we can!
I ♥ my shirt so much I didn’t even throw it in the laundry yet LOL.

Have a great weekend!!

♥ Tamara

Product Showcase

Happy Saturday everyone!!

Today will be a quick view of what happened this week at TSC!

First of all we had to say goodbye to Laura Whitaker as a DT member =(
So sad to see her leave, cause she was an awesome designer,
but life and family is more important.
We wish her all the best of luck!

There are a couple new images in the store!
Here are this weeks newest





We also have a DT call going on!
Click the image to see the information


I want to wish you a lovely weekend!!

♥ Tamara

Freebie Friday! And some more =)

Happy friday everyone!

First of all, thank you so much for all your lovely comments on FB, my mail and through the store on
the new style of digis I’m uploading.
I’m so happy you like it!
It’s motivating, and I love that I’m getting requests of making a particular themed digis.
Please keep giving me feedback. It makes me improve my work on a large base.

Some behind the scenes info

I did get a question how am I doing all of this?
My motto I’ve took from my Scrapbook years is: See it as a Hobby, treat it like a business.

I love what I do, but only love for what I’m doing won’t bring me there where I want.

I do this fulltime, but actually 80% of my day isn’t about drawing. It’s actually the things you don’t see.
Keeping up our shop, technical stuff, improve it to make shopping easy for you. Customer service is key to me.
I’ve been a designer for 7 years in the Scrapbook community and my pet peeve there was the lack of CS sometimes, which made me
not shop anymore at stores that took a complaint, question etc serious or don’t answer at all.
I’m trying to answer every mail, message or inquiery  right away or within 12 hours due to timezones, cause I’m not the important
person here, it’s all of you who wants to craft with my products.

I also stay in close contact with my team. They’re awesome, and I couldn’t do anything without them.
They’re not only great awesome, beautiful and gorgeous projects. They’re also not shy to whip my butt now and then.
I need the constructive criticism to improve. Also we’re having a very laid back group, we joke around,
but are very compassionate about one another.
If someone has a hard time, and they’re appologizing of not making a project for that week, we always yell: Don’t Stress!
Stress is bad for your mojo. You can only promote and present your work the best way when you’re comfy in your skin.

When I do get to drawing my steps are quite easy…ok when I’ve found an idea to go with a digi that is.
I’m just sketching out my idea’with a very cheap hb pencil on just regular copy paper, and when I’m happy with it,
I’ll trace them over with pigment pens. I find Faber Castell Ecco Pigment the best for this, but I’ve also used Pilots and Letraset.
Once traced I’ll erase the pencil lines, cause the cleaner the paper the best scanning results.
I have a very old scanner, a Canoscan FB630U but it’s awesome for this lol
I always scan in at 600DPI in greyscale in photoshop.
Once scanned I look closely for oopsies and whoopsies and erase them or draw it.
When finished ‘ll save them as JPG and PNG and print one out on DCP paper by Clairefontaine which is smooth
and is awesome for alcohol markers.
Then I’m coloring it to see how it looks colored. When I’m happy with my coloring (cause I’m fairly new to this)
I’m making a preview from the digi with a colored example, and load them up to the shop.

So here’s a little insight what I’m doing during my “work day”

Thank you for the question Michelle!

New Things in Store

Did you see the latest digi in the store?
It’s a request and I think it turned out awesome.
Not that I had a belly like that, but I would definitely want to wear a shirt with that text on it lol

I’ve made a card with her too (ok bare with me, still a beginner lol)

Also Harlequin Hannah is new to TSC!


We did a little name game for her, cause I totally was blank.
Laurie Jean won a copy of this digi cause she came up with this cute name!
If you want a chance on winning digis, just like our Fan Page
and play along if we’re having a name game again.

If you don’t use FaceBook I’m still giving out freebies.
This week it’s “Do yourself a Flavour
It will be free till next week, and then it’s the regular price again.
So grab it while you can!!
The digi will be free upon checkout so be sure you’re registered and logged in =)

Look what the ladies made with it!!





Aren’t those Yummie?!!

Have a great weekend!!