Thursday Tutorial with Erin

Corner Book Mark  by  Team Designer Erin

You will need Card base measuring in at 10cm by 10cm and
a smaller one at 7cm by 7cm


You will need Card base measuring in at 10cm by 10cm and
a smaller one at 7cm by 7cm


On the card base 10cm by 10cm

make a dot on three side’s where the middle is


score a line to meet both dot’s


so it should look like this


cut the 7 by 7 card base


take half of the 7 by 7 corner’s and add double sided tape to it


Then add it to the back of the main card base so it sticks the to flaps down


getting your coloured image cut a circle around it


now gather your embellishments




Then its shall sit on your Book in the corner just so pretty


Coloring in Distress Ink and Pencil Chalk Tutorial by Valou


  1. Prepare your material:

    – Brushes: a fine and a bigger one. Personally, I use brushes with reservoir.

    – Your ink Distress.

    – Your box of pencils chalk.

    – An acrylic block.

 val 2


  1. Prepare your image
  2. 3.Begin by diluting with some ink “Distress Tattered Rose” with some water and recover all the surfaces representing the skin of your character.


 4. With your fine brush, put some ink “Distress Walnut Stain” not diluted on the lines of hair.

  5. Put a little water on your brush then diluted a little ink “Distress Tea Dye”. Pass with this brush on all the hair. Do not add ink! That will allow to have more clear reflections.

6. Prepare your pencils chalk. Take the one which you need. For my part, I choose the pink.

Val 4

val 5

val 6

val 7

6.Prepare your pencils chalk. Take the one which you need. For my part, I choose the pink.

val 8

Val 9

7. Cross withyour pencil chalk on the edges of the zone to color ( the dress). These zones will be the darkest once the ended coloring.

 Val 10

8. Moisten your brush and go back on your lines of chalk by making small circular movements “to pull” well the chalk inward. It gives you more clear reflections to certain places. Continue until the obtaining of the effect for which you wish.

 Val 11

9. Make the same thing with the other zones of your image.

10. Once your image is very dry, rub delicately with a piece of “Scottex”.

Thursday Tutorial with Sandy

Hi Friends, Sandy here for The Stamping Chef with another easy tutorial for you to feature your great digi stamps.  Easel cards are a great way to do this and really are easy to do.  I think this will be a Easel Series Tutorial. I guess this would be Easel Part 1.

So lets get started…

  • For basic Easel, Start with 5×10 cardstock and score horizontally at 2.5″ and 5″ and fold.  You will need another 5×5 piece for your picture base to go on front
  •  Now for your Twisted Easel, same measurements but instead of folding straight across, fold from top left corner down to bottom right.  That’s it, so easy!!!!
  •  Here is what it looks like when upright
  •  Now put you adhesive on the bottom triangle
  •  And attach your 5×5 square to the bottom glued triangle
  •  When you start to decorate your card, you are going to fold it in half that way you image is not sideways when you open it
  •  Decorate the front
  •  Decorate the inside
  •  Don’t forget to raise your embellishments with pop dots. This is what will make your easel.
  • And here you go!!!!

Some other great twisted easel cards from The Stamping Chef



Can’t wait to see those Twisted Easels!


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